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Gym equipment you've never tried before?

Gym equipment you've never tried before?

Published at 1:48pm 7th August 2018. (Updated at 1:53pm 7th August 2018)

Nuffield Health Harrogate Promoted by
Nuffield Health Harrogate

Following a whole gym floor of new equipment, Nuffield Health in Harrogate is welcoming you to give them a try for free and starts with bang for the big re-launch day!

With a lunchtime barbecue, free gym trials and the Stray FM Breakfast Show with Nick Hancock coming live from the gym, the official opening day with the newly revamped gym floor has seen plenty of eager exercisers through the door. 

And it's not over yet, free one-day gym passes are allowing local people to give it a try too.

 Celebrating a huge range of state-of-the-art technogym equipment, the new MyWellness app to track and update your fitness goals and a timetable of new classes, the future of Nuffield Health in Harrogate is a very exciting one!

But what new gear might you not have tried before?

The Skierg

Perfect for either preparing skiers for the snow season ahead or for toning the full body with particular focus on the arms, this unusual piece of fitness equipment can be found on the gym floor and has a variety of resistance settings.

Stuart the Personal Trainer shows his skierg skills at Nuffield Health Harrogate

The Skillmill

One of the most talked about bits of kit on the new gym floor, the Skillmill is not like your regular treadmill. With no motor, the machine is powered by YOU and has varying magnetic resistance levels depending on what you choose to do. The upward bend can be a bit daunting at first, but once you're into the swing of it you're on to a winner!

Stuart the personal trainer gets on the skillmill at Nuffield Health in Harrogate

The Airdyne

Combining both your arms and your legs, this air bike allows you to set your own pace with no set resistance levels - the harder you work... the harder you work! Plus the added bonus of the fan means you're always downwind from a deliciously cool breeze!

Stuart the personal trainer gives the air bike a go at Nuffield Health in Harrogate

But there's a lot more to the new gym floor at Nuffield Health in Harrogate than these three with a huge range of modern equipment including the latest mod-cons and apps to keep track of your fitness levels, as well as regular Health MOTs and the pool, sauna and steam room. 

Free day passes are available for Nuffield health in Harrogate so you can give it a go before you join.

Hear what happened when Beth Parsons from Stray FM's health and wellbeing show met with Personal Trainer Stuart at Nuffield Health in Harrogate to give the new equipment a try. 

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