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The shocking pay practice leaving carers out of pocket

The shocking pay practice leaving carers out of pocket

Published at 3:52pm 3rd September 2018.

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Our population is aging, and finding people to care for the older generation is crucial. So why don't more care providers pay their staff fairly?

Home visits are a key part of senior care. However, many care providers aren't paid for the time they spend travelling between visits.

In rural areas like North Yorkshire, travel can make up a significant part of the working day. Imagine if you put in a 10 hour working day at work, but only got paid for 5 or 6 hours work. 

While this is the reality for many in the profession, becoming a Home Instead CAREGiver could be the career change for you. In independent research, 100% of their staff understood what separated Home Instead from other care companies.

With remuneration for travel, living wage guaranteed and flexible working hours, Home Instead are local senior care providers that recognise their CAREGivers as the crucial front line staff they are. 

They are currently recruiting more CAREGivers, and if you're considering a new career, or you're already a carer looking for a new opportunity, you can find out more at their upcoming Open Day.

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health and Wellbeing show spoke to Sheena van Parys, Director of Home Instead, as well as Louisa and Sylvia, two CAREGivers, to discover more about Home Instead:

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