One of the biggest killers of men under 49

One of the biggest killers of men under 49

Published at 4:42pm 18th September 2018. (Updated at 4:50pm 18th September 2018)

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The Brain Collective in Harrogate have been discussing men's mental health and are encouraging guys to come forward to get help.

One of the biggest killers of men under the age of 49 is suicide.  In fact, a shocking statistic states that 84 men PER WEEK under the age of 45 sadly take their own life and the Brain Collective in Harrogate have the technology that can help men with their mental health before it's too late.

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For many men, discussing their mental health and how they're feeling in general is not something that comes naturally.  At the Brain Collective, they have many ways of getting to the root of the problem without talk therapy. One of those is an electroencephalogram (EEG) which is a recording of brain activity and can map out on paper an actual physiological reason as to why the patient is feeling a certain way. A plan can then be formulated as to how best to tackle the issues before it all becomes too much for the guy in question.

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Due to the fact it's not talked about enough, depression in men is often played down even though the signs may be there. From tiredness to loss of appetite, a lack of enthusiasm for anything and a heightened irritability, they can all be signs of depression taking hold.  Don't keep quiet, talk with your loved ones, your friends and speak to the Brain Collective.

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Some of the team from the Brain Collective took part in a trek across the Sahara desert earlier in the year to raise awareness of mental health and also help raise funds for Wellspring therapy and training in Harrogate who provide support for vulnerable people in North Yorkshire through counselling.

You can listen to Stray FM's Ben Franklin talking to the Brain Collective team about men's mental health.

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