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A healthy option for your dog

A healthy option for your dog

Published at 7:31pm 23rd October 2018. (Updated at 7:35pm 23rd October 2018)

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Do you take care of what you eat?  Why should it be any different for your dog?  Cobbydog of Keighley have an extensive range of quality dry dog food and Stray FM's Beth Parsons has been to find out more.

When it comes to choosing the correct dog food, perhaps it's something you've never really thought about, but is what you're feeding your dog healthy for them?


Cobbydog have recently introduced a new cold-pressed dog food which is 100% natural and even though a dry feed, is incredibly close to raw food incorporating many vital vitamins and minerals to keep your faithful friend in tip-top condition.

Spaniel sits with food


Whatever your dog requires, whether that be food to improve joint health or simply the appearance of their coat, Cobbydog offer many different options that include flavours to suit all dog palates and tummies. Plus, it has been designed to cover all ages and breeds of dog.

To find out more, listen to Beth Parsons full chat with the team from Cobbydog.

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