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6 Weeks to Wellness Plan launches in Harrogate

6 Weeks to Wellness Plan launches in Harrogate

Published at 11:22am 3rd January 2019. (Updated at 12:19pm 7th January 2019)

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Harrogate wellness centre launches '6 Weeks to Wellness' plan to set you up for a healthy and happy New Year. 

Based in the Mowbray Square Medical Centre in Harrogate, the OneWellness 6 Weeks to Wellness Plan gives local people of all ages the opportunity to take an in-depth look at their health to see where it could be improved with the help of professionals.

Treadmills at One Wellness Centre in Harrogate
Treadmills at OneWellness Centre in Harrogate

What is the OneWellness 6 Weeks to Wellness Plan?

With the guidance of professional exercise practitioners, GP's and sports performance specialists, the OneWellness 6 Weeks to Wellness Plan includes the following:

  • 10 point health check and induction
  • 2 small group personal training sessions per week (HIIT training, endurance, strength and cardiovascular training)
  • A FREE class per week of your choice (a pilates or yoga class is often recommended to balance out the more intense workouts)
  • A tailored exercise plan (including home workouts)
  • Nutritional guidance (no fad diets or generic meal plans. Just evidence-based nutritional support, supported and approved by healthcare professionals)
  • An informative workshop on lifestyle advice (including sleep, stress and nutrition)
  • The guidance and support of the OneWellness team! We are with you the whole way, offering support and guidance to reaching your aspirations.

For full details get in touch with OneWellness in Harrogate

  • 01423 568 212 / 07817703309
Dr Rahul Lakhera at One Wellness at Harrogate
Dr Rahul Lakhera at OneWellness at Harrogate

What is OneWellness?

The Mowbray Square Medical Centre in central Harrogate is home to OneWellness - a GP and Physiotherapy led wellness centre.

Featuring Yorkshire's first ever GP-led health and wellbeing coaching, as well as physiotherapy, health checks and fitness classes, OneWellness has been described by customers as having a 'refreshing approach to health and wellbeing'.

OneWellness also offers sports performance medicine, a skin clinic, personal training and therapy (counselling). 

Simon Long, Fitness Manager at OneWellness, Harrogate
Simon Long, Fitness Manager at OneWellness, Harrogate

"Thank you so much for your expert help and support. OneWellness is a top class facility and all the staff are friendly and supportive. I had physiotherapy with Stephen and then attended a series of Pilates classes to help me with a longstanding issue with my back. Its now a lot better and I am back gardening and riding my bike regularly."

Simon Flowers, 42, Spofforth

"I am SO glad I did! Right from our very first phone call, I found motivation to make myself better. She is like my guardian angel, constantly helping me make better life choices.

I started with 3 main goals; more energy, more toned and clearer skin. I receive emails each week with different tips and advice and I have weekly phone calls to catch up on how I’ve done, what I’ve enjoyed or not, Helen tailors each session to me. I don’t feel ashamed or worried to tell Helen when I haven’t completed an exercise or feel like I’ve slipped up.

I would 100% recommend Helen to anyone who feels like they need the kick up the butt to get their life in order!"

Hannah, 23-year-old medical student

One Wellness Centre in Harrogate
OneWellness Centre in Harrogate

Listen to OneWellness 

Hear what happened when Simon Long, Dr Rahul Lakhera and Stephen Kirk from OneWellness in Harrogate talked to Beth Parsons on Stray FM's health and wellbeing show:

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