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Robot-assisted knee surgery is changing lives in Yorkshire

Robot-assisted knee surgery is changing lives in Yorkshire

Published at 11:16am 12th February 2019.

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Jon Conroy Hip and Knee Specialist

One local woman has had life-changing knee surgery at the first clinic north of London to use robot-assisted techniques. 

Elizabeth Webber from Knaresborough underwent robot-assisted surgery at Yorkshire Hip Clinic to correct severe arthritis and deformity in her knee and is now able to play with her grandchildren again.

Mr Jon Conroy, the Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon who performed the operation, is dedicated to complex or revision joint surgery and became the first surgeon north of London to perform robot-assisted surgery in 2017.

Elizabeth Webber x ray with Jon Conroy
Elizabeth's x-ray taken by Jon Conroy before her knee replacement surgery

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth Webber underwent surgery to correct osteoarthritis of the knee, a progressive disease that was causing her a great deal of pain and over time had lead to deformity.

After painkillers and physiotherapy were unsuccessful in correcting the deformity, Elizabeth met with Mr Conroy to discuss a knee replacement and correction using robotic technology. 

She said:

"I'd had it for about five years ongoing and it was just getting worse. My leg was deformed at an angle of 30 degrees, it was really bad and I was hobbling as I walked.

"(Mr Conroy) put me at ease straight away. He's a lovely man. He could see from the way that I was walking that I was struggling.

"When I first had it done, it was painful beyond a doubt. But they had me out of bed the next day and then on crutches... so they have you mobile straight away. 

"It has given me a new lease of life and I wish I had done it earlier!"

valgus knees before surgery
Elizabeth had Valgus deformity of the knee, requiring surgery to correct it

Robot-assisted surgery

Mr Conroy and the Yorkshire Hip Clinic lead the way in Northern England with robot-assisted surgery, which is aimed at performing joint replacement with more accuracy and consistency.

The technology ensures pinpoint accuracy during a joint replacement, guiding surgical tools into the right position to within fractions of a millimetre.

The surgery also reduces the risk of errors in bone preparation and the placement of implants.

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show spoke to surgeon Jon Conroy and Elizabeth Webber, who recently had knee surgery using robotics:

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