Hearing care and eyecare now available together in Starbeck

Hearing care and eyecare now available together in Starbeck

Published at 8:44am 18th February 2019. (Updated at 11:03am 19th February 2019)

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Christopher Nixon Optometrists

Christoper Nixon Optometrists are now offering hearing care from their Starbeck clinic, pairing leading hearing treatment with optometry.

The optometrists have teamed up with The Hearing Care Partnership, the UK's only 'Optician Only' hearing care company, and are one of just 70 independent partner practices nationwide.

With a dedicated audiologist working alongside their team of opticians, Christopher Nixon Optometrists aim to stay up to date with all the latest hearing care equipment.

The new partnership will allow them to offer 2 levels of complimentary hearing assessment, both an initial hearing screening and a full check, and recommend people have their hearing checked regularly after 50 years of age.

Invisible hearing aids, Christopher Nixon
Invisible hearing aids are just one of a number of new pieces of ear care equipment

Audiology has gone down the audiophile technology route, offering equipment that can be operated from a smart device or even scan the room to filter out background noise to suit the environment you may be in.

Although they've decided to branch out from purely eyecare, Christoper Nixon have also been recognised for their expertise, with Chris recently nominated as a finalist for 'Contact Lense Practitioner of the Year' at the Optician Awards 2019.

Rechargeable hearing aids, Christopher Nixon
Christopher Nixon Optometrists will be up to date with all the latest ear care equipment, including rechargeable hearing aids

How can I tell if my hearing is declining?

  • People seem to mumble when they are talking to you
  • Conversations involving multiple people are hard to follow
  • Listening on the phone is increasingly difficult
  • Relatives may mention that your TV is very loud
  • You may be asking people to repeat themselves more frequently
  • Hearing is becoming more difficult when there is background noise

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show paid a visit to Christopher Nixon's in Starbeck to delve further into the partnership:

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