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How young is too young when learning how to swim?

How young is too young when learning how to swim?

Published at 2:11pm 4th March 2019.

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David Lloyd Clubs Harrogate

Swimming has always been a fun family activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and parents, but how young is too young when learning to swim?

Some experts say that it's the sooner the better when it comes to teaching little ones how to swim, and David Lloyd Club Harrogate are holding a number of swimming programmes to teach children of all ages the all-important life skill.

With lessons for children as young as 12 weeks old from their qualified swim team, the club are aiming to make children more confident in the water and teach them the right techniques. 

Child swimming front crawl
David Lloyd Club Harrogate have got a number of swimming programmes to help children learn an all-important life skill

Michelle, a swimming instructor at David Lloyd Harrogate, is in charge of swimming at the club:

"We start at 12 weeks old with parent and baby lessons and go from there to parent and toddler, where they learn the skills to progress. The children will then become 'free' when they can go in without a parent.

"It's massively important for children to learn to swim, especially if you're going on holiday or on walks where there are rivers, purely from a safety aspect before anything else."

Swimming at David Lloyd Club

The 17.5m heated pool at David Lloyd Harrogate is complete with trained lifeguards and instructors, making it the perfect place for little ones to make their first strokes in the pool.

The indoor swimming facilities at the club contains a children's pool, as well as steam and sauna facilities for parents.

David Lloyd Club will also be holding both beginner and triathlon swimming lessons for adults in the near future, as well as private lessons for anyone lacking in confidence in the water.

Baby swimming with parent
Children as young as three can swim with parent supervision at David Lloyd before they are confident enough to swim independently

Members at the club can go along to David Lloyd Club Harrogate's taster week starting on Monday 11th March to find out more, or visit their Facebook page.

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show went along to David Lloyd Club in Harrogate to dive further into their swimming classes:

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