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WATCH: A close-up look at professional ear wax removal

WATCH: A close-up look at professional ear wax removal

Published at 2:53pm 16th April 2019.

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The Hearing Suite

Stray FM's Nick Hancock paid a visit to The Hearing Suite in Harrogate to undergo 'Micro-suction' treatment, the quick and safe way to remove ear wax without causing damage.

  • The Hearing Suite in Harrogate offer safe and easy 'micro-suction' that allows a small hoover to gently lift away excess ear wax
  • The treatment involves a powerful microscope to allow audiologist Emily Balmer to remove obstructions
  • 'Micro-suction' is far safer than using cotton buds and negates the need for water or olive oil treatments

The Hearing Suite are offering 'Micro-suction' treatment to safely and gently remove ear wax that may be causing a blockage, the most common cause of hearing loss.

Audiologist Emily Balmer looks into the ear canal with a powerful ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) microscope with 20x magnification, before then removing any blockages with a tiny hoover.

The treatment allows the patient to witness the blockage on a screen and is known to be safer than removing ear wax with cotton buds, which can in fact push more ear wax further into your ear canal or damage your ear drum.

The ear canal is about an inch long and is "S" shaped, meaning it can hold a large amount of wax in some cases.

Often patients have attempted to remove blockages themselves or through other processes, but these can be less effective according to Emily Balmer, Director of Audiology at The Hearing Suite:

"A lot of people have had syringing in the past and it's probably not as comfortable as it can be.

"I enjoy doing the micro-suction because people get their hearing back straight away and it's quite a nice quick fix."

Emily Balmer looks into Nick's ear, Hearing Suite Harrogate
Audiologist at The Hearing Suite Emily Balmer uses a powerful microscope with 20x magnification to locate Stray FM's Nick Hancock's earwax

To find out more about Micro-suction or to book an appointment at The Hearing Suite, head to the clinic at Mowbray Square Medical Centre in Harrogate or visit their website

Nick Hancock from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing show went along to the Hearing Suite in Harrogate to try out the treatment for himself:

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