Are the suns rays damaging your eyes?

Are the suns rays damaging your eyes?

Published at 3:04pm 16th April 2019. (Updated at 4:55pm 17th April 2019)

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A ground-breaking new contact lens will soon be available in Starbeck that absorbs ultra-violet rays emitted from the sun and adapts to surrounding light conditions.

  • Christopher Nixon Optometrists are set to roll out contact lenses that can protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and adapt to surrounding light.
  • The innovative lenses have been manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and will be available at Christopher Nixon Optometrists at the end of this month.
  • The practice in Starbeck are one of just a small number of independent stores chosen to offer the contact lenses.

The revolutionary contact lens provides wearers with vision correction as well as a filter that works to balance the amount of light entering the eye, blocking ultraviolet rays and absorbing up to 70% of light.

Acting quickly and seamlessly, the one-of-a-kind product reduces exposure to bright light both indoors and outdoors, including filtering blue light.

The technology has been in development by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care for the last ten years, and local clinic Christopher Nixon Optometrists have been selected as one of just a few independent practices for the initial launch.

Eye close up
The contact lens adapts to different light conditions to better suit the wearer's day-to-day life and will soon be available at Christopher Nixon for both short and long-sighted people

Despite the protection the new product can provide against harmful rays, Christopher Nixon from the Starbeck practice is urging people not to rely too heavily on the technology and to protect yourself from the sun:

"The contact lens is great and will absorb UV, but when you're outside you need to think about sun protection. 

"You can wear sunglasses in addition to this product but we don't want people to forget protection, we want to draw attention to it."

The product

The revolutionary contact lens has been produced by Johnson & Johnson, Transitions Optical and Acuvue using a material called 'Oasys', which does not need as much tear volume as other lenses.

The material is triggered by ultraviolet light, adapting its molecular structure to change to a darker or lighter shade when required and is suitable for both short and long-sighted customers.

Although the lenses block ultraviolet rays, users are encouraged to wear sunglasses in exceptionally brighter conditions for added protection.

Sunglasses at the beach
The contact lenses at Christopher Nixon Optometrists aim to absorb ultra-violet light and can be worn with sunglasses to provide even more protection from harmful rays

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show spoke to Chris from Christopher Nixon Optometrists to find out more:

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