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The hearing aid that lets you choose what you hear

The hearing aid that lets you choose what you hear

Published at 5:21pm 13th May 2019. (Updated at 5:03pm 14th May 2019)

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The Hearing Suite

The technology behind hearing aids has made big leaps recently and a luxury hearing clinic is encouraging local people to give some new gadgets a go. 

  • Location tracking, selective 'listening' and the ability to link your TV or phone directly to your ears are all features on modern hearing aids. 
  • Harrogate clinic The Hearing Suite wants local people to know how much better their hearing life could be. 
  • Hearing aids can now be much more than a 'loud speaker'

If you use a hearing aid, or know someone who does, the chances are you think a hearing aid simply 'turns the volume up' - the sound you WANT and the sound you DON'T, all just amped up and pumped into your ear. 

Well, think again...

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology at The Hearing Suite

Since the first hearing aid was developed in 1898, technology has advanced in many different areas. 

Expert audiologist Emily Balmer from The Hearing Suite in Harrogate explained how hearing technology has advanced so far that even some of the most difficult scenarios have now been made easier. 

Having good conversations in a loud environment for example...

"Say for example we were at dinner, we would put the Roger [hearing aid] in the middle of the table and it would pick up the most prominent speaker

"If I wanted to pick up just YOU, I could mute the other microphones, and have it so it was just you that I was picking up, and it sends that signal directly into my hearing aids without it having to travel across the room"

Emily Balmer, The Hearing Suite
Emily Balmer, Director of Audiology at The Hearing Suite, Harrogate

What can modern hearing aids do that traditional ones can't?

  • Live audio streaming from phones / tablets - allowing users to enjoy music, audiobooks, radio and much more without the worry of disturbing others. 
  • 'Selective hearing' - you hearing aid can select who / what to listen to when which is great for conversation scenarios. 
  • Location tracking - great if you're prone to misplacing your hearing aids!
  • Customisation for specific frequencies - your hearing aid is tailored to your needs. 
  • Direct feed from TV to hearing aid - possible via bluetooth
  • Detection and minimising of wind noise
  • Quick re-charging
  • Small and pocket sized devices
Roger hearing aid from The Hearing Suite in Harrogate
Known as 'Roger', this modern hearing aid is now available to demo at The Hearing Suite in Harrogate... this is about the size of an Oreo biscuit!

The Hearing Suite in Harrogate

Based at the Mowbray Square Medical Centre in Harrogate, The Hearing Suite is aiming to change the way we look and feel about our hearing. 

The team offer specialist hearing diagnostics as well as an online hearing test, and from professional safe earwax removal to help with balance. 

Nick Hancock from Stray FM even recently had his ear wax removed using microsuction!

Emily Balmer looks into Nick's ear, Hearing Suite Harrogate
Audiologist at The Hearing Suite Emily Balmer uses a powerful microscope with 20x magnification with Stray FM's Nick Hancock

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing show went along to the Hearing Suite in Harrogate to talk to Emily Balmer:

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