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Skipton restaurant celebrates coeliac awareness week

Skipton restaurant celebrates coeliac awareness week

Published at 10:31am 16th May 2019. (Updated at 10:35am 16th May 2019)

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Fish and chip restaurant in Skipton is proud to remind local people that they can cater for gluten-free diets with full Coeliac UK accreditation. 

  • Gluten-free fish and chips are available at Bizzie Lizzie's on Swadford Street, Skipton. 
  • Coeliac Awareness Week  2019 is being celebrated 13 - 19th May. 
  • Local people have been describing how being a coeliac affects their diet. 

What is coeliac disease?

As described by Coeliac UK , Coeliac disease is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten.

Around 1 in 100 people have the condition, and symptoms include diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, stomach cramps, mouth ulcers, fatigue and anaemia.

It can be treated with a long-term gluten free diet.

"I'm in my fifties now, it took me until I was in my early forties to realise actually what the problem was. 

"I was really quite ill, I was in hospital for quite a long time, and it was never diagnosed what it was.

"Much later on, I lived with all the normal symptoms of someone who is gluten intolerant, and then I started to develop a chronic daily headache. 

"I cut gluten out of my diet just to rule it out, and it all stopped within three days."

Colin Unwin, coeliac disease sufferer in Skipton

Colin Unwin - coeliac at Bizzie Lizzies
Colin Unwin - coeliac at Bizzie Lizzies

What foods are high in gluten?

Grains and starches such as wheat / wheat germ, rye, barley, bulgur and couscous are high in fluten and need to be avoided. 

Common foods that usually need to avoided include:

  • Bread
  • Malt
  • Soups
  • Mayonnaise
  • Malt vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Sausages
  • Gravy
  • Cereal
  • Baked beans
  • Vodka
  • Beer
  • Oats
  • Processed cheese

There are many more too, so it's always very important to check the ingredient list. 

Bizzie Lizzie's Gluten-Free Fish and Chip Restaurant in Skipton

With official Coeliac UK Accreditation, the team at Bizzie Lizzie's are all fully trained on cross-contamination and utilise totally separate fryers for all gluten-free food. 

The alternative gluten-free batter uses a mix of rice, potato, tapioca, maize, buckwheat and gram flours at Bizzie Lizzie's on Swadford Street. 

Fish and chips from Bizzie Lizzies in Skipton
Fish and chips from Bizzie Lizzies in Skipton

Other gluten-free options include soup, prawn cocktail, fish goujons, jacket potatoes, grilled chicken breast, chilli, salads and a range of puddings and sides

See the full Bizzie Lizzie's menu.

NOTE: the gluten-free fish and chips are only available at Swadford Street, not the High Street Car Park restaurant. 

Prawn cocktail from Bizzie Lizzies in Skipton
Gluten-free prawn cocktail from Bizzie Lizzies in Skipton

Are gluten-free fish and chips nice?

What better way to decide than asking the experts... you!

Here's what customers of Bizzie Lizzie's said about the gluten-free fish and chips at the Swadford Street restaurant:

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Food and Drink Show talked to Colin Unwin who is a coeliac and still enjoys fish and chips from Bizzie Lizzie's fish and chip restaurant:

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