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Could your child be at risk of sports-related hip injuries?

Could your child be at risk of sports-related hip injuries?

Published at 3:47pm 18th June 2019.

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One local surgeon is working closely with physiotherapists to correct sports related hip injuries for all ages, often caused as a result of anatomical abnormalities.

  • Hip and Knee Specialist Jon Conroy works closely with physiotherapist company Physiocure to ensure patients of all ages receive the correct hip treatment.
  • After assessment, patients are either referred for physiotherapy for a range of treatments or in some cases will require surgery.
  • Sports related hip injuries can occur at any age and are often caused by anatomical abnormalities that can predispose people to get injured when playing sport.

Hip injuries are often associated with the older generation and caused as a result of wear and tear, but young people are also vulnerable to sports injuries if born with anatomical abnormalities.

Local surgeon Jon Conroy often performs corrective hip arthroscopy surgery, a procedure that allows him to see the hip joint and diagnose a range of problems, but explained how issues are not limited to the elderly:

"Children can present with an unusual gait and the way that they walk might be related to anatomical abnormalities in their hips, which can predispose them to get sports related injuries earlier.

"If we can identify those problems in people, we can get them on a preventative path to try and get them to strengthen the muscles around the hip to protect them from injury or we can do surgical procedures to try and make their hip shapes better to prevent injury in the future."

Kids football team
Children can be at risk of sports related hip injuries if they have anatomical abnormalities.

Jon Conroy liaises with physiotherapy company Physiocure to ensure patients receive the correct treatment, stating that patients should not be operated on unless completely necessary.

After assessment, Physiocure founder Louise Grant then decides what option will best suit the needs of the patient:

"The first thing I will do as a physiotherapist is see whether it's a physio problem or a surgical problem because it's important we send the patient down the right direction.

"We have a close relationship with Jon Conroy and liaise about patients very regularly... We work as a whole team and work out a plan for our patients."

Louise Grant, Physiocure founder


Physiocure work with patients to create a plan that could involve seeing their physical trainer, pilates instructor, hydrotherapist or even psychotherapist to begin the recovery process.

The physiotherapist company use treatments such as soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, dry needling, electro-acupuncture, cupping and muscle imbalance work.  

They also have a free hip guide on their website, offering advice and tips on pre-habilitation exercises, hydrotherapy exercises following surgery and also hip arthroscopy rehabilitation.

Physiocure team

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show spoke to both Jon and Louise about sports related hip injuries and how they can be prevented:

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