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Inclusive spin and yoga classes... with a difference!

Inclusive spin and yoga classes... with a difference!

Published at 3:51pm 24th June 2019. (Updated at 9:35am 25th June 2019)

Go Revolution & Go Yoga Promoted by
Go Revolution & Go Yoga

Sister companies Go Revolution and Go Yoga are welcoming new attendees to their unique exercise classes in Harrogate.

  • Go Revolution is an indoor cycling studio with spinning classes for all abilities.
  • Sister company Go Yoga provide community-driven yoga classes, including pilates and 'hot yoga.'

Spinning and yoga classes can be daunting for beginners, but two companies in Harrogate have set up unique and inclusive classes that let you take charge of your own exercise.

Putting an emphasis on community, Go Revolution and Go Yoga provide spinning and yoga classes that are available for all ages and abilities.

Go Revolution

Go Revolution provides a modern take on spin classes through an energetic combination of music, fun and exercise. 

The indoor cycling studio, located on Commercial Street in Harrogate, is darkened and fitted with funky lighting to provide an ideal atmosphere for exercise - without the pressure of your typical spinning class!

Go Revolution Harrogate
There are a number of classes for all abilities at Go Revolution Harrogate, with attendees encourage to go at their own pace!

Their friendly instructors are there to motivate and encourage whilst acting as a guide, with attendees encouraged to go at their own pace.

"Its about your own personal workout. Some days you may not want to give too much to the bike but other days you want to work really hard. The instructor is there as a guide.

"I think it's the sense of community that brings you back. No matter how you're feeling that day, you can do a Go Rev ride and feel positive about the day ahead."

Angie, Go Revolution regular

Ben at Go Revolution Harrogate
Stray FM's Ben Groom took one of the classes for a spin at Go Revolution Harrogate with founder Suzie Thomas 

Go Yoga

It's well known that yoga is as good for the mind as it is for the body, and Go Yoga on Hornbeam Park have a selection of classes for all abilities - including their ever-popular 'Hot Yoga.'

Although there are some difficult poses that will come with practice, the benefits aren't just for flexibility, as the practice can help to clear the mind and find inner calmness.

Go Yoga Harrogate
There are a number of classes for all abilities at Go Yoga Harrogate

Go Yoga regular Alison, 31, keeps going back to the Hot Yoga class at Go Yoga to unwind from her busy working days:

"I've been coming quite a long time now. I do quite a fast-paced job in Leeds and this is more of a stress-relief thing for me, but also to keep fit as well because the Hot Yoga class I go to is quite intense and fast so it feels like you're doing a workout as well."

Ben at Go Yoga Harrogate
Stray FM's Ben Groom with Go Yoga founder Sophie Bickerdike and instructor Jo

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Health & Wellbeing Show went along to both Go Revolution and Go Yoga to put his skills to the test:

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