Fancy An Extra £2500 For Your House?

Fancy An Extra £2500 For Your House?

Published at 4:38pm 18th January 2017. (Updated at 4:39pm 18th January 2017)

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Whether your family is growing, or getting smaller, buying and selling houses can be a stressful business. And knowing when to do it, how to do it and who to do it with only adds to the confusion! Luckily, Ewe Move's Tom Lawrence knows a thing or two about the housing market of the Harrogate District. In facts he's got so much knowledge to give he even writes a blog for Stray FM!

We talked to Tom on Stray FM's Home and Garden Show about the extra online services that Ewe Move offer which many other estate agents don't bother with such as...

  • A 24hr Phone Line - to answer your house query calls at any hour of the day
  • Live Online Chat - with support staff who can answer your questions at
  • Online House Viewing Booking System - meaning going to see your dream home is easy
  • Ewe Move get around £2,500 extra for most houses they sell!
  • No Ewe Move Shop - so that buyers and sellers aren't paying the extra costs

With mortgage lending on the up, a thirsty Harrogate market and the start of a new year - is now the time to sell your home with Ewe Move?