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10 things to consider when choosing an Estate Agent

10 things to consider when choosing an Estate Agent

Published at 2:13pm 31st January 2017. (Updated at 10:40am 1st February 2017)

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It’s always difficult to choose an estate agent, after all they’re the 5th most distrusted profession in the country according to a Co-op survey. Therefore, you would like to get the decision right. Just remember the lovely person who comes to see you, values your home and you get on with really well may never ever have any contact with you again. Once you’ve signed the paperwork the role may be handed to someone else then.

1. Which Property Sites are your home going to be listed on?

In this day of the internet your home needs the maximum exposure online. 90% of all buyers start their search on the web. Most agents use Rightmove which has 48% of buyers, a few use Zoopla who have 49% of buyers and some of those who don’t use Zoopla may use another site like On the Market which has less than 1% of buyers.

2. How good are the pictures of your home?

Professionally staged photo’s that are carefully edited have been shown to generate 61% more viewing enquiries than typical agent snaps. Will your agent have a proper SLR camera and tripod? Will he take the time to make sure that there’s nothing slipped into the photo like a bottle of washing up liquid? Your Photo’s only have about 2.8 seconds to catch someone’s eye so the better be good.

3. What type of floor plans will your agent produce?

Some agents don’t even bother with floor plans but stats show that people like them. 3D floor plans are better than the standard and if garden plans are included then you’re using the correct agent.

4. Will your house be listed as a Premium Property?

Premium listings get 20% more enquiries on Rightmove and 50% more on Zoopla. A premium listing gives more photos of your home. Standard listings just don’t work as well.

5. Will your agent provide guided viewings?

Accompanied viewings help you to get instant viewer feedback and more offers, which often lead to a quicker sale. If the agent you are speaking to says that they will do them just check that it’s not just the office junior doing it. It should be an agent that really knows your home. Also, some agents will say that they will do guided viewings and then there’s no one available.

6. When is the agent your thinking of open?

Buyers are busy and often search online during the evening or weekends, so the less time your agent is open for business, the more interest you will miss. Also, will they do accompanied viewings on a weekend or evening?

7. Will the agent you use allow your buyers book viewings online?

You’ll get more viewings if your prospective buyers can easily book their viewings online? Remember agents aren’t in general trusted so people prefer to book their viewings online.

8. How do other sellers rate the agent that you’re thinking of?

You can take a look at what other people think of their agent on independent review sites like

9. Will your agent communicate with you on a regular basis?

The best agents are in regular contact with their sellers with feedback and updates and advice.

10. What reports will the agent your thinking of send you?

Your agent should produce regular property performance reports based upon Rightmove data.