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Craven recycling changes rolled out

Craven recycling changes rolled out

Published at 6:01am 2nd April 2017.

People in Craven are being urged to check their new refuse and recycling collection days, as a new system has come into force.

Collections are changing for a large number of residents and will start at a slightly earlier time of 6.30am.

The blue bag system has been abolished, and paper and cardboard will now be collected in the blue bins instead, with blue bin collections increased to fortnightly.

Leaflets informing householders of the changes have been sent out with council tax bills and residents should now have received a further information pack, including new collection calendars.

Paul Ellis, Director of Services at Craven District Council, said: "We would advise residents to check their new collection calendars and ensure that their bins are left out on the correct days.

"The new system being introduced means the collection methodology will be simplified, and removes the need for us to distribute and collect blue bags, which residents told us were unpopular.

"We hope these new collection arrangements will be more convenient for residents and will encourage people to recycle more."

The blue bag system was introduced in 2009, when it was more economically beneficial to recycle materials separately.

Blue bags cannot be recycled, but residents can either find another use for them or dispose of them in the green bin.

Materials which can be placed in the blue bins include newspapers and magazines, paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, food tins, drink cans and empty aerosols, cartons and certain types of plastic bottles, including milk bottles, shampoo bottles, washing up liquid bottles, cosmetic bottles and pop or drinks bottles.

Bins which contain the wrong materials will not be emptied.

Properties which do not currently have a blue bin can request one free of charge, either online at www.cravendc.gov.uk/recycling or by calling Customer Services on 01756 700600.

Residents who have limited storage can request recycling pods.