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Don't Move House Without This Checklist

Don't Move House Without This Checklist

Published at 3:31pm 11th May 2017.

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So you've exchanged contracts, you've got a moving date, and you've decided on a removal company... what next? 

In order to make that big day as stress free as possible Evans International have put together a checklist for you to make sure you get everything done. 

Six Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Call all your utility providers to arrange moving with them (gas, electricity, water, phones/internet)
  • Arrange for your post to be re-directed after the moving date
  • Start packing - many people severely underestimate how long it takes to pack all your belongings!

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Confirm dates and arrangements with your removal company
  • Check access at both properties for moving lorries and vans
  • By now you should be mostly packed apart from your essentials 

Moving Day

  • Get up bright and early!
  • Make sure you have a 'survival pack' including changes of clothes for the whole family, toys and equipment needed for children/babies, and snacks and drinks. 
  • Have important contact details and documents to hand - solicitors, removal company, estate agents etc
  • Pets and children - either get a pet/babysitter to take them somewhere else for the day, or at least limit them to one room so they are safe and secure. 
  • Take your final meter readings before you leave, and remember to take new ones at your new home. 
  • If possible have tea and coffee making facilities available - a busy removal team need hydrating! Biscuits are an extra bonus. 
  • Do a final walk around your old home to check you've got everything - including the loft, the shed and the garden.

Evans International help with all kinds house moves from small local moves, to large scale international moves, from simple storage to sensitive house moves involving unwell family members, and Val is always happy to chat through your situation.

Hear when Val Evans from Evans International talked to Stray FM's Beth Parsons on the Home and Garden Show below.