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Why You Should Have A Garden Pond

Why You Should Have A Garden Pond

Published at 12:32pm 11th August 2017.

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Aquascapes and Landscaping

Ever considered having a pond in your garden? Or could your pond do with a little attention?

Aquascapes and Landscaping help the people of Wetherby and surrounding areas with all sorts of garden dilemmas including ponds. But there's more than just the one type of pond...

Natural Ponds

  • Attracts wildlife including frogs, hedgehogs, newts and dragon flies
  • Can have a natural looking stream
  • Native Yorkshire plants

Standard Garden Pond

  • Pump and filtration systems allows you to have goldfish
  • Needs to be at least 2ft deep allowing it to stay cool in Summer and doesn't freeze in Winter

Koi Pond

  • Clean, clinical looking - no plants
  • Allows you to keep prestigious fish such as koi carp
  • Needs to be at least 3ft deep
  • Requires sophisticated filtration system

It's #KoiCarp time at @bertybob71 in #Wetherby today! #aquascapesandlandscaping

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Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Home and Garden Show went to meet Rob from Aquascapes and Landscaping in Wetherby to talk pond life. 

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