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Smile! Craven residents the happiest in the UK

Smile! Craven residents the happiest in the UK

Published at 8:23am 27th September 2017. (Updated at 2:50pm 27th September 2017)

Beautiful countryside, friendly people, a National Park.

It's maybe no surprise that people in Craven have been confirmed as the happiest in the country.

The results come from the Office for National Statistics' annual study.

The report found that the area also has the highest level of life satisfaction and the lowest level of anxiety among residents.

Craven finished above North Warwickshire, the Orkney Islands, Uttlesford and Richmondshire in the top five.

Matthew Steel, from the Office for National Statistics, said: "Today's figures may surprise some, showing a small increase in both reported happiness and life satisfaction during a period that has seen political change and uncertainty.

"It's worth noting that employment rates rose during the period covered by this report, and other ONS analysis showed people perceiving an improvement in their own financial situations and in the overall economy.

"These are factors we believe may account for some people's increased sense of personal well-being."

Two very happy people...