Barnoldswick couple launch porch appeal

Barnoldswick couple launch porch appeal

Published at 12:54pm 2nd May 2018.

A couple in Barnoldswick are being told to knock down their porch because it goes against council planning.

George and Patricia have lived in Barnoldswick for over 50 years and the majority of their time has been spent at 3 Taylor Street.

They have an urgent request for help from the community of Barnoldswick.

Following a recent burglary at their home, they decided to add a porch to give them more protection. 

Pendle Council have asked them to remove the porch and refused planning permission twice, after asking George and Patricia to submit it part way through the porch being built.

When George and Patricia appealed and offered to have it rebuilt in natural stone, Pendle Council still refused the build. 

The reasons Pendle Council gave to the couple are:

  • The materials used for the porch extension are unsuitable for the age and style of the property.
  • The artificial stone extension has adverse effects on the character and appearance of the local area.
  • The proposal is at odds with the regular rhythm of the frontages on that particular row of properties and therefore fails to comply with Policies ENV1 and ENV2 of the Pendle Borough Council Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy 2011 – 2030), the Conservation Area Design and Development Guidance Supplementary Planning Document and the Design Principles Supplementary Planning Document.

George and Patricia disagree. They believe:

  • One of the most notable features of Taylor Street is the varying design extensions.
  • The house is constructed using local stone with a Welsh slated roof which they offered to rebuild the porch in.

The Barnoldswick couple believe that the proposed changes to the porch will make a significant and beneficial contribution to the house and become very much a part of its character, improving the overall look of the street and quality of the area.

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Neil Watson, Pendle Council’s Planning and Building Control Manager said:

“We received a complaint last September about unlawful building work going on at 3 Taylor Street..

“We investigated and asked the owners to submit a retrospective planning application. Their house is in a Conservation Area which means that any new building work has to be in keeping with the area. 

“After careful consideration Pendle Council decided to refuse planning permission. The applicants have now appealed that decision and the Government’s independent Planning Inspectorate will make a decision on the appeal. The outcome will determine whether or not the porch has to be removed.

“We are conscious of the impact that planning decisions have on people’s lives, but it’s vital that people get planning permission before going ahead with work.

“When people go ahead without it, they run the risk that any building work they have done will have to be removed.”

You can read more by visiting the couple's Save Our Porch Facebook page.

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