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When will I have enough money to retire?

When will I have enough money to retire?

Published at 3:10pm 15th January 2019. (Updated at 3:34pm 15th January 2019)

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When will you have enough money to retire and stop working?

We asked a variety of Stray FM listeners what they'd like to do when they retire, and some of the most popular answers were:

  • Travel
  • Buy a campervan
  • Move to the coast

What would you like to do?

And do you know how long it'll take to save enough money for that?

Green campervan on road
Buying a campervan and traveling was a popular answer when asked "what would you like to do when you retire?"

How can a lifestyle planner like Assured Financial Planning help?

If you're unsure how much you've saved and when you'll finally have enough to retire, talking to someone like Assured Financial Planning could help answer your questions. 

"We go through a process of working with each client, and it's not initially about what they've got, it's about what they want to spend each year in retirement. We then marry that with what they do have, any investments they've got, and we see if there's a shortfall."

Russ Hirst, Lifestyle Planner at Assured Financial Planning

According to Russ who is an expert in helping people get the most out of retirement, there are three categories that people fall in to:

  • Those who have more than enough - you could stop working now!
  • Those who have JUST enough - you COULD stop working, but could you do everything you want to?
  • Those who don't have enough - you need to continue working for a while. 

Which one are you?

Russ and the team at Assured Financial Planning can help you find out which one of these three categories you fall into. 

Get in touch for a free no-obligation chat over a coffee. 

01423 581133

Increasing piles of money with plants growing out of them
It's hard to know how much you have and what you could achieve with it in retirement.

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show talked to Russ Hirst from Assured Financial Planning about retirement and how people can find out if they have enough money. 

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