How to use nature to clean your home

How to use nature to clean your home

Published at 4:32pm 12th June 2019.

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Learn how you can use Mother Nature's supply of natural items to clean your home with this eco-friendly remedies course.

  • Rossett Adult Learning are holding an 'Eco-friendly remedies for everyday life' course, teaching people how to use natural everyday items to make simple cleaning products.
  • Students will make their own natural teas, create antibacterial cleaning blends to use at home and make everyday herbal remedies.
  • The course aims to reduce commercial chemical based products in single-use plastic containers.

Rossett Adult Learning's 'Eco-friendly remedies for everyday life' course is set to start in July, teaching students how to use natural materials to create cleaning products.

The course will include:

  • Making refreshing tea with no teabags in sight!
  • Creating an antibacterial cleaning blend to use at home.
  • Reviving old cleaning methods once used before the consumption of chemical cleaning products.
  • Learning about self-care and everyday herbal remedies.
Plastic bottled cleaning products
The 'Eco-friendly remedies for everyday life' course at Rossett Adult Learning is aiming to reduce use of chemical-based products in single-use plastic bottles.

Course tutor Michelle, who has created her own blends and uses them in her own home, is keen to pass on her knowledge of simple everyday ingredients:

"From an early age I was always sensitive to commercial products... I always felt they were too abrasive. I started just by using a steam cleaner with hot water to clean the home and then started adding simple ingredients to that from around the house.

"I started using essential oils which smell absolutely gorgeous... What I'm doing is showing people how to bring the ingredients together."

Students can make their own cleaning blends, making use of natural plant-based materials such as lavender.
Students can make their own cleaning blends, making use of natural plant-based materials such as lavender.

Rossett Adult Learning are also running a Natural Cosmetics one day course:
- Natural Cleaning - 5th July 2019, 9.30am - 12.00pm
- Natural Cosmetics - 12th July 2019, 9.30am - 12.00pm

To find out more about the courses on offer at Rossett Adult Learning, head to their website or give them a call on 01423 563768.

Pete Egerton from Stray FM's Family Show spoke to course teacher Michelle about her eco-friendly remedies for everyday life:

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