Could the government be set to ban 'no-fault' evictions?

Could the government be set to ban 'no-fault' evictions?

Published at 4:59pm 25th June 2019.

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With the government set to consult on banning 'no-fault' evictions, landlords can no longer remove tenants without reason. But what does that mean for renters in the UK?

  • The government are consulting over abolishing laws that allow landlords to remove tenants from a property without reason.
  • The controversial plans will mean renters have long-term security over their tenancy and could weaken the position of landlords.
  • We hear from local letting agency Belvoir Lettings Skipton about the potential changes and what they could mean.

The government will discuss banning Section 21 notices, otherwise known as a 'no-fault eviction notice', meaning landlords may no longer be able to reclaim possession of their property without reason.

Landlords are currently able to give tenants the two month notice before reclaiming possession of their property to live in, sell or even move family into, sometimes leaving renters homeless.

"The earliest you can serve a section 21 notice is four months and one day into the tenancy, after that it can be served at any point. 

"The beauty from a landlords perspective of a section 21 notice is that it doesn't require a reason, so no one can contest it. Whereas if you have to give a reason, that can be contested and that reason may not be valid and therefore possession cannot be gained."

Daniel Johnson, Belvoir Letting Skipton

Daniel Johnson Belvoir Lettings Skipton
Daniel Johnson from Belvoir Lettings Skipton is offering advice on lettings and the changes to laws

If government proposals go ahead, the following changes will affect landlords in their use of Section 21 notices:

  • Landlords will need to give a concrete reason to evict a tenant
  • Landlords will be able to use different rules if they want to sell or move into their property, similar to those currently used if a tenant has broken the terms of their tenancy
  • Court processes to evict rule-breaking tenants will be sped up, meaning landlords can regain their properties quicker if their tenants cause damage.

Belvoir Lettings Skipton

Belvoir Skipton is a dedicated letting and property management agent located on Belmont Street, one of over 170 locally-managed Belvoir offices nationwide.

The family run business offers services to tenants, landlords and investors, with property letting information for all types of properties throughout the Skipton area.

If you want to find out more about how these potential law changes could affect you, contact Belvoir's letting team either by email: or by telephone: 01756 700702.

Belvoir Skipton
Family run business Belvoir Lettings Skipton have offices on Belmont Street

Stray FM's Tom Harland had a chat with Daniel Johnson from Belvoir Lettings about the changes to laws:

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