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Local triathlete undergoes life-changing hip surgery

Local triathlete undergoes life-changing hip surgery

Published at 11:52am 4th July 2019. (Updated at 9:25am 5th July 2019)

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A local 'Ironman' triathlete has told Stray FM how life-changing hip surgery has allowed her to compete again after almost TWO YEARS of suffering.

  • Eleanor Haresign from Harrogate underwent a hip arthroscopy from hip and knee specialist Jon Conroy in 2017.
  • The triathlete first felt pain in her calf in 2015, but the issue went undiagnosed for two years as she continued to compete.
  • Major surgery and an extensive rehabilitation programme has allowed Eleanor to compete once again.

Local triathlete Eleanor Haresign underwent corrective hip surgery with Hip and Knee Specialist Jon Conroy after suffering for two years without a diagnosis. 

Having originally suffered pain in her calf, Eleanor continued to compete before the soreness was revealed to be as a result of an abnormality in her hip which needed corrective surgery:

"It was only in the surgery that it showed how severe the damage was and Jon Conroy was surprised I'd been able to do all the things I'd been doing.

"When I couldn't run as well, I started doing time trials just to keep some sort of sport going and try to be competitive, but eventually my hip was getting sore doing that as well."

Eleanor Haresign
Eleanor is a keen triathlete and has finished "Ironman" challenges that involve swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running a marathon.

Eleanor competes in "Ironman" challenges, which involve swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles before running a marathon (26.2 miles) and lasting around 10 hours. 

After a scan, Eleanor was in need of corrective surgery and underwent 'pre-habilitation' with Physiocure to strengthen her muscles before surgery with Jon Conroy:

"I was very lucky that one of the best surgeons in the country is from Harrogate. I would've travelled further. I'd travelled about trying to get to the bottom of it."

Hip Impingement

Hip and Knee Specialist Jon Conroy explained the operation required to correct Eleanor's hip and how committed Eleanor was to her recovery:

"She'd done all the right things before she came to see me. There's no doubt there are risks with an operation and it can be difficult for the patients to balance that potential risk of being worse after the surgery against the benefits of improving your symptoms and getting back to normal.

"Eleanor had an unusual hip shape where she had a condition called impingement, which involves a bump called a cam lesion that doesn't quite fit in the hip smoothly. So when the hip is moving, such as when running, the cam lesion impinges into the hip joint and causes a labral tear as well as damage to the cartilage underneath."

If the condition is left untreated, the pain and soreness of the injury will continue to get worse, eventually causing arthritis in the hip.

Cam impingement
Deformity of the spherical ball can result in an oval shape that fails to fit in the socket correctly, causing damage to the hip.

"Keyhole" surgery was required, which involved two incisions of less than 1cm on the outside of hip to remove the cam lesion causing the damage, before reshaping it to how a normal bone should be.

"Through a good operation and certainly through her hard work and the hard work of her rehabilitation team, she's had a really good result from it."

Jon Conroy, Hip and Knee Specialist

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle spoke to both triathlete Ellie Haresign and hip specialist Jon Conroy:

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