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Is your home in desperate need of a makeover?

Is your home in desperate need of a makeover?

Published at 3:43pm 12th July 2019. (Updated at 9:32pm 12th July 2019)

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Rossett Adult Learning

Rossett Adult Learning are set to launch their Interior Design Workshop again this Autumn, teaching students how to refresh and redesign rooms in their house.

  • Rossett Adult Learning's Interior Design Workshop will teach students techniques and styles to redesign their home.
  • Learners will gain a better understanding into the basic elements of interior design including colour, mood boards and biophilia.
  • By the end of the course students will have the confidence and skills to put together a room scheme for their house.

Rossett Adult Learning believe that your home should "reflect your personality, style and the way that you live" and their Interior Design Workshop will give students the know-how to revamp their own home.

The workshop will show participants how to put together a mood board, get creative with colour and incorporate biophilia (connections with nature) to create the perfect room scheme.

Students are asked to bring a cushion, piece of fabric or an artwork accessory etc. to use as inspiration.

Rossett Adult Learning interior design class
The last Interior Design Workshop at Rossett Adult Learning and is one of a number of exciting classes this Autumn.

"The course is for anybody that has an interest in interiors or is possibly thinking of redoing a living room or a bedroom. Students will learn how to co-ordinate a colour scheme, introduce texture and about furniture placement.

"We'll be focusing on creating a Core Colour Palette for mood board inspiration and a final design board for a room scheme."

Tracy Struwig, Interior Design Workshop tutor

The Interior Design Workshop will start on Monday 30th September between 7-9pm, with the third and final session on Monday 14th October.

The workshop is one of a number of Arts, Design and Crafts courses coming to Rossett Adult Learning this Autumn. For more information, head to the website or call 01423 563768.

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle spoke to course tutor Tracy about what students can expect on the Interior Design workshop:

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