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Is running bad for your joints?

Is running bad for your joints?

Published at 2:31pm 18th July 2019.

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Just under one thousand people took part in Race for Life 2019 in Harrogate on Sunday to raise money for Cancer Research UK, but can running be bad for your joints?

  • O'Connor Chiropractic were at Race for Life 2019 in Harrogate offering free spinal checks and health advice.
  • Chiropractor Jason O'Connor explains that the deconditioning of everyday life causes weaknesses in the body that become apparent when people go running.
  • Sitting at desks, spending a lot of time in the car and putting on weight before running are among the biggest causes of health issues when running.
o'connor chiro at race for life
The O'Connor Chiropractic team were at Race for Life 2019 in Harrogate offering free spinal checks and health advice.

O'Connor Chiropractic were offering health advice at the Race for Life 2019, explaining that often injuries are not caused by the activity itself but by pre-existing weaknesses in the body.

Although some people may suffer injuries as a result of running, those problems can often caused by issues that were already apparent in the body according to chiropractor Jason O'Connor:

"We checked a lot of people and found the symptoms they're feeling aren't the problem, it's because their body isn't functioning correctly. The problem didn't just start when they started running or jogging.

"A lot of people think running is bad for joints, but it's not, we're all designed to be hunter gatherers - its when we get deconditioned from everyday life, sitting at desks, putting on a bit of weight, and then try and run, that's when the weaknesses come to the surface."

There are often misconceptions about what chiropractic care can do for you, which is something that Jason is keen to raise awareness of:

"A lot of people think chiropractic means achey back or an achey neck and you get 'clicked' to make it feel better, but we look at how the body works altogether and try to get it to optimal function.

You could see with some people I looked at that that their body was struggling because of their posture, where they were tilting to one side... We always look to the spine and central nervous system because that's the key, that's what's controlling and running everything and if that's not healthy then nothing else can be."

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Stray FM's Nick Hancock spoke to chiropractor Jason O'Connor about the effects running can have on the body:

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