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Ed Sheeran: Castle on the HilliTunesAmazon

Could you be losing your hearing?

Could you be losing your hearing?

Published at 10:06am 26th July 2019. (Updated at 2:08pm 26th July 2019)

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Christopher Nixon Optometrist

Hearing loss is often considered an issue for the elderly, but with 2 in 5 people suffering with hearing loss before the age of 50, what signs should you be looking for?

  • Struggling to hear over background noise and being unable to take part in group conversations are among the key signs that your hearing is in decline.
  • People who suffer with hearing loss are also one and a half times more likely to have visual problems as well. 
  • Christopher Nixon Optometrists are offering full hearing health checks free of charge as well as 30 minute hearing screenings.

Starbeck optometrists Christopher Nixon are offering full hearing health checks free of charge after revealing 42% of people have hearing loss before the age of 50.

Often associated with the elderly, hearing loss is becoming more apparent in younger people and sufferers are one and a half times more likely to have visual problems as well. 

THCP audiologist Chris Nixon
Advancements in technology have seen hearing aids become much more discrete, with some rechargeable and controlled by smart devices.

How can I tell if my hearing is in decline?

  • People seem to mumble when they are talking to you
  • Conversations involving multiple people are hard to follow
  • Listening on the phone is increasingly difficult
  • Relatives may mention that your TV is very loud!
  • You may be asking people to repeat themselves more frequently
  • Hearing is becoming more difficult when there is background noise

Audiologist at Christopher Nixon Optometrists Salma is encouraging people of all ages to take advantage of their free health checks even if their hearing seems fine:

"Even if your hearing is normal or mildly down, having a hearing test is a good initial starting point for future comparisons.

"Hearing loss is no longer just associated with getting older."

Salma is also keen to bust the stigma surrounding hearing care, as advancements in technology have made a much broader range of equipment available:

"Our hearing aids aim to reduce background noise as much as possible so you're able to hear the clarity of speech sounds. Some are also Bluetooth enabled as well, so you can connect it to your smart phone, Ipad or television. Alternatively you can just have a hearing aid without gadgets but it does make it easier for people who use technology a lot.

"Hearing aids are a lot smaller and a lot more discrete, and there are some that go inside the ear and can't be seen at all."

Invisible hearing aid
An example of an 'invisble' hearing aid available through the Hearing Care Partnership

The Hearing Care Partnership

Christopher Nixon Optometrists have teamed up with The Hearing Care Partnership, the UK's only 'Optician Only' hearing care company, and are one of just 70 independent partner practices nationwide.

The partnership allows them to offer 2 levels of complimentary hearing assessment, both an initial hearing screening and a full check, and recommend people have their hearing checked regularly after 50 years of age.

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle went along to Christopher Nixon Optometrist in Starbeck to discuss the new hearing equipment:

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