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Yorkshire countryside voted happiest

Yorkshire countryside voted happiest

Published at 5:48pm 8th August 2019.

What's your favouirte place?

  • Recent research found Yorkshire's countryside has been voted the happiest place by the county's residents.
  • It follows a study commissioned by Skipton Building Society.
  • Relaxing in the garden, listening to music and being on holiday also rated highly.

Yorkshire’s beautiful countryside is among the most admired in the world – so it’s no surprise that the county’s residents have voted it their happiest place to be!

Walking in the countryside tops a list where White Rose county residents feel in a good place, closely followed by relaxing in the garden, listening to your favourite music and being on holiday on the sun.

New research shows that having an escape is important for our mental wellbeing to ensure we feel in a good place, with over a third going to their happy place when stressed and over half needing time on their own just to relax and unwind.

The poll found that over half the adults in Yorkshire have a 'happy place' to go to when they’re feeling low.

Lisa Davis, Chief Human Resources Officer for Skipton Building Society, which commissioned the study, said:

“While most people are happy with their lives in general, it’s natural for stress to build up.

“It’s really important to have somewhere you can escape to, be it physically or even mentally, to take your mind off the everyday and help you feel in a good place.

“And it’s refreshing to see the variety of things that people in Yorkshire do to improve their happiness, whether it’s being on the beach with a drink your hand, out for lunch, having afternoon tea with family or friends or simply walking the dog.”

Having a lie-in, meeting old friends, walking the dog and taking afternoon tea with family or friends also feature in our favourite happy places.

But for more than one in 10 it’s much more than a place; it’s the feeling of knowing that their finances are in order, with 12 per cent stating they feel their most happiest when paying in to their savings account.

Most happy places for Yorkshire people are usually something they do in solitude rather than with other people.

And the average adult escapes six times a week, although a tenth visit their good place more than 11 times each week.

The perfect time to spend in a good place to recalibrate one’s emotional state was revealed to be precisely 41 minutes and 33 seconds.

Seven in 10 adults agree that the best happy places are ones that don’t cost a penny, according to the Skipton Building Society research conducted with OnePoll.com.

Lisa Davis added:

“At Skipton, we understand that we all want to feel like we’re in a good place and it’s something we’ve been aiming to provide since 1853, helping people to save for their future and secure the keys to their own home.

“But as the research shows, it’s not just for financial stability; it is for our own personal happiness and wellbeing.

“Well-being is really important at Skipton, which is why we have well-being experts to ensure our colleagues are in a good place.”


  1. A walk in the countryside
  2. Relaxing in the garden
  3. Listening to your favourite music
  4. On holiday in the sun
  5. Having a lie-in
  6. Joint: Having a long shower/bath & Meeting old friends
  7. Walking the dog
  8. On the beach with a drink your hand
  9. Joint: Out for lunch & In the pub
  10. Afternoon tea with family or friends