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Could this bread be set for a September spike?

Could this bread be set for a September spike?

Published at 12:25pm 30th August 2019. (Updated at 3:38pm 30th August 2019)

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'Sourdough September' is almost upon us for the sixth consecutive year and Booths Independent Supermarkets are embracing its rise in popularity. 

  • Sourdough September celebrates genuine sourdough and was started by the Real Bread Campaign.
  • Booths in Ripon are offering sourdough tasters in store, as well as other varieties of bread such as rye and focaccia.
  • The independent supermarket have been speaking to Stray FM about Britain's love for sourdough and why it continues to grow in popularity.

Booths Ripon are embracing Sourdough September as it looks set to sweep the nation, celebrating with free bread tasters for their customers.

Started by Real Bread Campaign in 2013, the month aims to unite bakers and lovers of the bread as it becomes more popular in restaurants and everyday meals.

Melly is a member of the Food Tasting Team at Booths Ripon, greeting customers with Nordic Rye bread, Kalamata Olive Focaccia and White Sourdough tasters alongside Hartley's jam and Yorkshire butter:

"Each of these breads would be suitable for breakfast, lunch or an evening meal. You can make it Mediterranean or you can make it as English as you want - if you just want to put ordinary beans on toast on it then go for it!

"It just lends itself beautifully to experimenting with all your favourite flavours."

Melly with Bread at Booths
Melly is on the Tasting Team at Booths in Ripon, offering bread tasters for customers together with condiments and friendly advice. 

What makes sourdough sour?

'Sourdough' is made by the fermentation of dough and is naturally more sour than other bread (as implied by the name!) with the sourness coming from two kinds of friendly bacteria which grow alongside the yeast.

Often served in restaurants, sourdough can be enjoyed alongside any meal and is commonly enjoyed before a starter.

"There is no limit to the toppings you can put on top and the sourdough just transports the flavours beautifully. I think you tend to find that it gives you that Mediterranean/Greek feel."

Melly, Tasting Team at Booths Ripon

Bread at Booths
Sourdough is just one of a variety of breads on offer at Booths in Ripon, including Sunblushed Cherry Tomato and Herb Focaccia, as well as Black Olive and Herb Focaccia

Booths are also offering the chance to win a 'Best of Booths' hamper, showcasing all their fantastic products including Peters Yard Sourdough Artisan Crispbread, the winner of the Great Taste Award 2015!

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle went along to Booths Ripon to speak to Melly ahead of Sourdough September:

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