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Chiropractic, more than just back pain?

Chiropractic, more than just back pain?

Published at 10:55am 12th September 2019. (Updated at 3:22pm 12th September 2019)

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O'Connor Chiropractic

O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate are celebrating one year since moving to Station Parade - but what is chiropractic care and how could it help you?

  • O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate celebrated one year since moving from Cold Bath Road on Saturday 7th September. 
  • The family wellness centre, who also have a clinic in Ilkley, provide care to promote health of the brain, spinal cord and the central nervous system.

A common misconception about chiropractic care is that it is purely to help with aching neck and back, but O'Connor Chiropractic are keen to bust the myths.

Chiropractor Jason O'Connor has worked in chiropractic for 20 years and has helped patients who have been suffering with severe headaches, migraines, sciatica, back pain, neck issues, hip and joint problems:

"Generally what people might think of chiropractic is achey back and achey neck... What a lot of people don't realise is that chiropractic is really about the health of the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system, and how modern day stresses are damaging this vital system in the body."

O Connor Chiropractic 1 year anniversary
It's one year since O'Connor Chiropractic moved to their current location on Station Parade in Harrogate

Jason O'Connor, who has clinics in Harrogate and Ilkley, helps patients of all ages, including pre and post-natal care for mothers and their newborns:

"We now look after such a wide range of people and it is the whole family, it's literally from babies that are a few days old to patients in their 90's.

"We've got a family where we've got four generations of the same family that I look after!"

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The process at O'Connor Chiropractic begins with an initial assessment into the patient's health history to find out if there have been any traumas, medications or operations, before a large neurological test.

The adjustment itself is done by applying pressure to or manipulating certain areas of the spine, specifically to vertebrae within the back that could be causing problems. 

"When you come into the clinic it'll probably be the most detailed physical you've ever had in your life!"

Jason O'Connor

It's common for people to feel they have an injured body part (knee, shoulder or neck for example) but actually it stems from problems within the spine

During an adjustment, in a similar way to how joints such as knuckles might make a cracking sound, the audible sound is a release of gas from joint cavities. 

To get in touch with O'Connor Chiropractic about how they can help you, give them a call on 01423 200020 or find them online.

Nick Hancock from Stray Lifestyle went along to O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate to find out more:

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