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Play your way to financial stability

Play your way to financial stability

Published at 5:21pm 18th October 2019.

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An innovative board game created by a local financial planner is helping families talk about money and better plan their financial decisions.

  • Harrogate-based finance and lifestyle planner BDB Financial created their own board game to help families recognise the difference between wants and needs.
  • The board game is helping families talk about money and plans for the future.
  • BDB Financial has been helping people look after their finances in order to lead secured and fulfilled lives since 2006. 

Couples and families are encouraged to start a conversation and discover more about the hopes and needs of their financial future thanks to a simple board game developed by financial planners BDB Financial.

Split into four quadrants, the board game is opening the discussion for local people on their wants and needs, as well finding out what is important to them both at present and in the future. 

Players are given easy-peel stickers to place and move around the board, whether they're playing as a couple or as a family, and comparing answers and choices can give players an insight into how their relatives may want to deal with their finances.

The benefits of the bdb board game - Scott and Jo's story from bdb on Vimeo.

The game helps players differentiate the following and open up about their finances: 

  • What do you NEED to spend money on NOW?
  • What do you WANT to spend money on NOW?
  • What do you NEED to spend money on in the FUTURE?
  • What do you WANT to spend money on in the FUTURE?

With stickers divided between experiences and materialistic items, players are also provided with blank ones to personalise the game and help them further understand their own financial intentions. 

BDB Financial
The board game developed by BDB Financial encourages families to start conversations about money which can often be difficult to do.

BDB Financial

Set up 13 years ago in Harrogate, BDB Financial help people look after their finances and secure their futures. 

Whilst protecting your money and ensuring you have enough is important, the team at BDB place an emphasis on leading happy, meaningful lives with that money. 

"What we've discovered over the years, is that the money really isn't interesting or important, it's just that it allows us to do interesting or important things.

"I've always described financial planning as a process of getting the balance right between living for today and living for the future."

Andrew Brook Dobson, Managing Director at BDB Financial

To find out more about BDB Financial, find them online, on Facebook or give them a call on 01423 855680.

Pete Egerton from Stray Lifestyle found out more from Andrew Brook-Dobson, Managing Director at BDB Financial:

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