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Pass your language exams with Rossett Adult Learning

Pass your language exams with Rossett Adult Learning

Published at 4:01pm 23rd October 2019. (Updated at 4:03pm 23rd October 2019)

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Rossett Adult Learning

Rossett Adult Learning are set to launch a brand new Language Coaching Course for sixth form students to help them pass their A Level exams.

  • The A Level Language Coaching course is set to launch on 5th and 6th November and will run weekly for five weeks.
  • The courses will cover Year 13 French and Spanish topics to help sixth form students pass their final exams.
  • The classes will be taught by tutors Alan Le Bourdon and Sebastien Rodriguez, native speakers of French and Spanish.

With final A Level exams on the horizon, Year 13 French and Spanish students may be feeling the pressure to get the grades they need to see them through to university - but with the upcoming A Level Language Coaching at Rossett Adult Learning, sixth form students can fill in the gaps in their knowledge and learn from native speakers.

With the Spanish class starting on 5th November and the French class the following evening, the weekly classes will run for five weeks and will involve small groups of around 5 or 6 students, allowing for more 1 to 1 time for each learner. 

Course tutors Alan Le Bourdon and Sebastien Rodriguez, who are native French and Spanish speakers respectively, are giving students the chance to broaden their knowledge of their target language in a relaxed, no-pressure learning environment.

Rossett Language class, Alan Le Bourdon
Students at Alan Le Bourdon's Advanced French Class enjoy a relaxed, no-pressure environment that aids their learning

The class will run in a similar style to a number of existing courses at Rossett Adult Learning, allowing students to speak freely with the tutor and with their fellow learners, and without a word of English spoken!

Students at Alan Le Bourdon's Advanced French class told Stray FM what they enjoy about the classes and how Alan's style of teaching has helped them:

"It's quite challenging and the content is substantial but there isn't any problem if you can't immediately catch onto things." - Phillip

"Everyone's keen to learn but there's no pressure, no exams... it's a very nice environment to learn in." - David

"The important thing I find in any class of this nature is you should learn from someone who is a French person, I think this helps a great deal." - Herbert

"The classes encourage conversation and although you need a certain amount of grammar, if you start talking people will put you right and you will learn from doing that. I think conversation is the most important part of learning a language." - Carol

"It's quite relaxed, its fun and its interesting topics." - Karen

"The way I always look at it is that confidence and ability are linked. The better your ability is, the higher your level of confidence and the more confidence you have, the more ability you can show." - Kevin

To find out more about the upcoming A Level Language Coaching or to enquire about any other courses at Rossett Adult Learning, find them online or give them a call on 01423 563768.

Ben Groom spoke to one of the Rossett Adult Learning course tutors, Alan Le Bourdon, about the upcoming course:

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