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80% of Brits yet to make a will

80% of Brits yet to make a will

Published at 4:15pm 30th October 2019. (Updated at 1:15pm 13th March 2020)

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Rossett Adult Learning

A course is set to return to Harrogate that can help people get their personal affairs in order, after it was revealed around 80% of Brits have not written a will.

  • Rossett Adult Learning are set for their Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney on Monday 20th April.
  • The course will run for 4 weeks and gives students the chance to learn and get advice from an experienced and award-winning solicitor.

There is a lot of uncertainty and confusion around the legal side of personal affairs, whether it be inheritance tax, tax planning on death or even simply protecting your estate with a will.

The upcoming Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney course at Rossett Adult Learning will give students the chance to learn from experienced solicitor Helen Forster about how best to get your personal affairs in order, overcome common everyday issues and avoid pitfalls when writing a will.

The course is aimed at anyone over 18 years old with an interest in wills, probate and capacity matters, designed to give a background in these areas of the law that learners will not already know.

Lawyer meeting - Wills, Probate and Attorney Course at Rossett Adult Learning

Course Tutor Helen will provide examples of everyday practical problems along with solutions, giving students the opportunity to plan for the potential concerns in the future, such as care fees for loved ones.

With over 9 years as a solicitor and twice part of the winning 'Private Client Department of the Year' teams, Helen explained why she's keen to share her knowledge as part of the course:

"There are a lot of people who don't know much about the law and don't know how to make a will and what it involves. 

"We cover everything on how to make a will, inheritance tax, (which a lot of people are worried about after the rules changed) and lasting power of attorney. 

"It's aimed at educating people about how these things work on a day to day basis and what can be available to them should they need it."

What are wills, probate and power of attorney?

  • Will - A will (or 'testament') is a legal document that outlines a persons wishes for how their property, assets and money is to be distributed among their loved ones if they were to pass away.  
  • Probate - Probate is the name given to the process of dealing with someone's estate when they die (e.g selling property)
  • Power of attorney - If someone has difficulties that mean they can't make decisions anymore, they will need help managing their finances and assets. People can appoint their own 'attorney' who can make those decisions for them should they become unable.
Contract agreement

The Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney course will last for 4 weeks, starting on Monday 20th April. Enrol online at or give the office a call on 01423 563768.

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle spoke to the Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney course tutor Helen Forster to find out more:

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