Could you benefit from financial advice?

Could you benefit from financial advice?

Published at 1:08pm 6th November 2019.

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Financial jargon can often stand in the way of understanding even the most simple of topics, but a local financial advisor is keen to help people understand concepts that often elude us.

  • BDB Financial provide advice and a trustworthy ally to bust the jargon and combat financial concerns.
  • Topics such as compound interest, pensions and student finance are commonly misunderstood.
  • BDB Financial in Harrogate also offer FREE financial workshops for local schools.

Financial advisors BDB, located on Hornbeam Park in Harrogate, believe wealth is measured in time rather than money and are dedicated to helping you translate material success into a rich and fulfilling life.

Through providing a trustworthy and reliable advisor, BDB help clients understand topics such as compound interest, pensions and student finance, with people often unsure what they actually mean in the context of their own finances. 

BDB also have a very user-friendly website, complete with videos and articles that can put difficult concepts into simple terms.

Jargon busting

Terms such as compound interest, 'sleep-walking pensions' and student finance are not always easy to grasp, however the team at BDB Financial consider it their responsibility to bust the jargon and make sure you understand your finances.

Through informative articles, videos and explanations that explore these concepts from an expert's perspective, BDB are able to broaden your knowledge of important terms not taught in schools.

Andrew Brook-Dobson, Managing Director at BDB Financial, is keen to provide a reliable and trust-worthy ally when it comes to financial advice:

"It's not just young people who don't have a great grounding in some of the fundamentals about money and finance, I think it's across the population.

"One of the things I say to nearly all of our clients is there's no such things as stupid questions, just stupid people who don't ask them! If you don't understand something then that's my fault, as my job is to convey meaning... I need your help in ensuring you leave having understood."

To get in touch with BDB Financial and find out how they can help you, find them online, on Facebook or give them a call on 01423 855680.

Pete Egerton from Stray Lifestyle spoke to Andrew Brook-Dobson, the Managing Director at BDB Financial, about what sort of topics they can help people with:

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