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The REAL reason we get sick during Winter

The REAL reason we get sick during Winter

Published at 3:00pm 14th November 2019.

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Germs and illnesses are everywhere at this time of year and our immune systems are seemingly having to work overtime - so why is illness so common during Winter?

  • Dr Jason O'Connor from O'Connor Chiropractic busts the myths around Winter illnesses, which are caused by lifestyle changes rather than the cold weather.
  • Chiropractic can increase the response of white blood cells, which fight off invading bacteria and viruses in the body.
  • Dr Jason has some expert advice on small everyday tweaks that can help you strengthen your immune system.

There are a lot of misconceptions around Winter illnesses and people often blame the cold temperature or bacteria 'jumping around', but it is in fact lifestyle changes around the festive season that leave us feeling unwell.

The human body is less resistant and weaker during the Winter due to an increase in alcohol, sugary foods (mince pies!), more stress and pressure around deadlines, less sleep and less exercise - all leaving your immune system weak and open to invasion by bacteria.

“It’s a bit like how flies are attracted to rubbish, so to get rid of the flies, you have to get rid of the rubbish – it’s the environment that’s attracting them.

"People often think chiropractic is achey back or achey neck, but it’s really more about your central nervous system which runs every other system in the body… especially the immune system.

"The brain and the immune system work together to fight off and kill off the bacteria in the body so if that communication is interfered with, it won’t work efficiently."

Dr Jason O'Connor, O'Connor Chiropractic

Sneezing adult with snot rag
Illnesses and germs are everywhere during the Winter months, but they're not caused by the weather...

A study from Dr Patricia Brennan Ph.D in America found that just fifteen minutes after a chiropractic adjustment, the response of her patient's white blood cells was significantly higher than beforehand.

White blood cells play an important role within our immune systems as they destroy invading viruses and bacteria, meaning there will have been issues in communication between the immune system and the brain before the adjustment helped the systems work together efficiently once again.

How can you strengthen your immune system?

  • Vitamin D - Due to the darker nights and colder evenings, we tend to spend a lot of time inside during the Winter months, meaning we don't see the sun and get our Vitamin D! Taking supplements for the important vitamin can help build your immune system and comes in a spray, which is something provided at O'Connor.
  • Gut bacteria - Gut bacteria is massively important and can be depleted by anti-biotics. Taking pro-biotics can help you build it back up, which is crucial is this actually provides 70% of your immune response!
  • Omega 3 - Omega 3 plays an important role in the health of your cells, particularly cell membranes, which is weaker can leave you open to viruses and illness. 
  • More sleep - Added stress of Christmas deadlines and pressure at this time of year can mean sleepless nights, which is never a good thing for our bodies! Sleep and rest can go a long way towards strengthening our immune systems.
  • More water - Drinking water is always important and can often be forgotten during a busy schedule, but if you're dehydrated, you're leaving yourself open to coughs and colds.
Jason O'Connor adjustment
Dr Jason and the team at O'Connor Chiropractic can help strengthen the communication between your brain and immune system.

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Nick Hancock from Stray Lifestyle went along to O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate to speak to Dr Jason about the myths around Winter illnesses:

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