Valentine's Day trees: Will it catch on?

Valentine's Day trees: Will it catch on?

Published at 10:28am 16th January 2020.

Main image: Courtesy of Kimberley Dawn (from Facebook)

Valentine's Day trees: new tradition or simply a fad?

  • Christmas trees are being given a new lease of life - thanks to fans of the upcoming romantic season.
  • They're being transformed into Valentine's Day trees.
  • People are redecorating them with pink hearts and love-themed items and sharing their creations on social media.

For many Christmas has been and gone - with all Christmas decorations taken down and put away by the twelfth night - January 6.

However, fans of Valentine's Day have come up with a creative way of keeping their Christmas trees up a little longer - Valentine Trees are becoming all the rage!

Social media users have been sharing pictures of their festive trees decorated for the romantic season:

Some excited Valentine's Day enthusiasts have opted to buy an artificial pink tree just to mark February 14.

Many have saved their Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday of love.

Pink, red, and white colours are being used to festively decorate trees.

Hearts, love, and other romantic ornaments are woven through the branches of these displays:

You can get crafty and make your own paper garland or homemade ornaments.

But would Cupid approve of these festive firs?

Is this a craze or a tradition? Will you be taking part?