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Heartwarming ethos key to thriving Care Home

Heartwarming ethos key to thriving Care Home

Published at 12:10pm 14th February 2020.

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Warmest Welcome

One care home chain continue to thrive across Yorkshire thanks to their heartwarming 'mother test' ethos, ensuring they maintain the highest standard of care.

  • Warmest Welcome have nine care homes across Yorkshire and care for residents of various conditions.
  • The 'mother test' ensures they treat their residents with the same standard of care they'd expect of their own parents.

'Warmest Welcome' care homes have credited their heartwarming 'mum test' ethos and high standard of care as the reason they are thriving across Yorkshire.

Their team of qualified and experienced nurses provide care for all ailments common among the older generation, and also have an ex-qualified chef as part of the management team - so you know the food will be of the highest quality!

Tracey Holroyd, the Chairman at Warmest Welcome, explains the company's ethos and how it was founded in 2006:

"We refer to the 'mum test' - being what sort of care would you want for your own mum. It's a simple principle, not always easy to achieve, but that's what we aim for."

Warmest Welcome, Elderly lady receives care
Warmest Welcome now have nine care homes across Yorkshire, including two in Harrogate and one in Ilkley.

"We were looking for a place for my grandad in the 80's but couldn't find one that we liked for him, so my dad built one!

"We bought the original care home from my dad (in 2006) and got busy buying more care homes.

"We absolutely wouldn't be anywhere near we where are today if it wasn't for our team."

The various teams at Warmest Welcome care for residents with conditions including Parkinson's disease, strokes, arthritis, dementia and breathing disorders.

Having first started in Wakefield 14 years ago, they now have nine care homes across Yorkshire:

Warmest Welcome, residents manicure
The team at Warmest Welcome use the 'mother test' when setting their high standards of care for residents.

To find out more about Warmest Welcome, find them online or give your local Warmest Welcome a call directly.

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle found out more from Tracey Holroyd, the Chairman at Warmest Welcome:

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