Can too much sitting cause neck and back pain?

Can too much sitting cause neck and back pain?

Published at 7:47am 21st February 2020. (Updated at 11:13am 21st February 2020)

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The average person sits for around 12 hours EVERY DAY, and although it may feel like you're relaxing, it could be causing issues for your overall health.

  • Sitting with poor posture for any length of time can put stress on the muscles, joints and ligaments.
  • We hear one man's story about how years behind a desk caused major health issues.
  • He sought the help of O'Connor Chiropractic and has seen a dramatic improvement.

Whether you're sat at a desk, driving a car or lounging in front of the TV, sitting down for large periods can be a bad habit to get into.

John Benson, the Managing Director of Harrogate IT support company Yorkshire Tech, spent all of his working life at a desk and was suffering with severe back and neck pain before he approached O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate:

"I found that I wasn't on top form, I was aching all the time, I'd wake up tired and grumpy and just didn't feel like myself.

"I assumed I'd come and see Jason, it would be 'crack, crack, crack' and that would be it but I was amazed."

Man at desk, bad posture o'connor chiropractic
John Benson sought the help of Jason O'Connor and the team at O'Connor Chiropractic, Harrogate.

John's problems were immediately apparent to Jason and the team, who identified his forward head posture, rounded shoulders and shortened and tight muscles at the front of his body. 

Following a comprehensive health check, John was amazed at how they were able to identify what was causing his pain:

"They had gadgets to see where my back was hot and where the pain was, I had X-rays and the curve in my neck wasn't how it should be.

"He (Jason) told me that it wouldn't be an overnight fix, and that they were working on my long-term health and trying to get me healthy for the next 40 or 50 years."

Following a series of adjustments and a tailored exercise regime at O'Connor Chiropractic, John is already noticing the difference and at the age of 41, he was able to get his life back:

"I've got more energy, I'm less irritable, I'm sleeping better... I'm generally feeling a lot healthier and just enjoying life a lot more than I was before."

Jason O'Connor adjustment
Patients receive a comprehensive assessment and health check by the team at O'Connor Chiropractic

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We heard John's story about how his career in IT saw him accumulate some severe health issues: 

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