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How to boost your 'green' credentials in the workplace

How to boost your 'green' credentials in the workplace

Published at 1:52pm 12th March 2020.

Harrogate Borough Council Promoted by
Harrogate Borough Council

Harrogate Borough Council are offering recycling collections at a reduced cost in a bid to boost the green credentials of local businesses. 

  • Harrogate Borough Council charge less for recycling collections than standard waste.
  • They collect all recyclable materials, including glass, paper/card and mixed recycling.

Just how green is your workplace? And are you doing enough as a business to recycle?

Harrogate Borough Council are making recycling easy with their own recycling scheme - which is cheaper than standard waste collection!

The Council can collect and recycle a range of materials and will tailor the service to the waste produced by individual businesses. Materials include: (see the full list here)

    • mixed paper and card (shredded paper, packaging, office paper any colour etc.)
    • glass bottle and jars of any colour
    • aluminium or steel drinks and food cans
    • empty aerosol containers such as air fresheners, deodorant cans, shaving foam
Harrogate Borough Council - new truck
The new wagons at Harrogate Borough Council

Kirsty Stewart, the Trade Waste Manager at Harrogate Borough Council, explains how their efficient methods can help any range of businesses (including schools!):

"What we're really good at is tailoring the service to the needs of the customer... We look at what waste you're producing and give advice.

"Schools are very green - children are always very enthusiastic about recycling. We give them paper and glassed mixed bins, sticker them up and get the kids involved and get posters drawn up."

The Harrogate area is considered successful in the context of recycling in the UK, with only a 1% contamination rate compared to some areas where it can be as high as 20%.

"We engage with our customers about recycling so they can learn what goes in which bin, which helps us keep our contamination rate down."

Kirsty Stewart, the Trade Waste Manager at Harrogate Borough Council

Recycling - pexels

Where does your recycling go?

    • Steel cans - these are taken to Teeside, where they get melted down and reused to make products like fridges and car doors!
    • Aluminium cans - these go to Warrington, where they get melted down and reused to make light weight components for the car industry (there's a theme developing...)
    • Glass - this is taken to a glass processor in Sheffield, where it is crushed, melted and turned back into bottles and jars or becomes part of the process for and many other products. (Unlike some materials glass is infinitely recyclable!)
    • Plastics - these get sent to Manchester, where they're granulated and made into foods and drinks packaging (and can even be made into fleece jackets!)
    • Card/cardboard - this is collected and taken to Manchester, where it is soaked, pulped and made back into cardboard packaging.
    • Paper - this is is taken to the paper mill at Shotton in Wales. Paper is made into paper again, and every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees!
Harrogate Borough Council - bin truck
The team at Harrogate Borough Council tailor their services to each individual business.

If you're interested in the recycling services at Harrogate Borough Council and wish to find out more about pricing, call 01423 500600 x51076 to speak to one of the team, or fill in the 'request a quote' online form for a no-obligation quote. 

Ben Groom from Stray Lifestyle heard from Kirsty and John, who have spearheaded Harrogate Borough Council's Trade Waste and recycling service:

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