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Is your home workstation damaging your health?

Is your home workstation damaging your health?

Published at 1:34pm 23rd April 2020. (Updated at 10:09am 24th April 2020)

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With most of the country working from home during the coronavirus crisis, workstations will have changed dramatically. But could your current setup be damaging to your health?

  • Coffee tables or sofas are among the most common places to work from, but could be damaging to neck muscles and posture.
  • Taking breaks, regular exercise and even utilising exercising balls as opposed to chairs could be helpful in maintaining a healthy body.
  • O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate have some expert advice on staying fit at home and how best to arrange your workstation.

The coronavirus crisis has seen a lot of businesses encouraging staff to work from home, and although you may feel a lot more comfortable on the sofa in your pyjamas each day, could your choice of workstation be damaging to your health?

O'Connor Chiropractic in Harrogate are still offering emergency appointments during the current lockdown and are also offering tips and advice for people who are experiencing health issues when working from home.

Working from home, O'Connor Chiropractic
Sofas and coffee tables are commonly used as workstations!

So what's the best way to setup your workstation?

According to Dr Jason O'Connor, some small changes can make a major difference to the health of your spine and neck muscles:

"You want to try and keep yourself as upright as you can.

"The best way is probably at the kitchen table with an upright chair, making sure your chair is high enough so that your eyes are hitting the middle of the monitor.

"The worst thing is when the neck is strained forward, fatiguing your neck muscles and causing forward head posture."

If you're working from a laptop, Dr Jason advises propping it up if possible to ensure you have a setup that enables you to look straight ahead rather than down.

Keeping active at home

Another important factor in staying healthy whilst working from home is staying active and taking regular breaks.

Getting up and walking around after every half hour of work can prevent your body becoming stiff and can help loosen your muscles before returning to your workstation.

Request a copy of an exercise sheet from O'Connor Chiropractic at

Dr Jason also expresses the importance of safe exercising, and resisting the habit to jump headfirst into strenuous exercise that your body isn't used to which can cause injury:

"Consider when you go to the gym, you wouldn't go and just do one exercise for two hours.

"Try to almost use the garden or DIY work like a workout, perhaps some high up or low down and just keep varying it with regular breaks and whilst drinking plenty of water."


O'Connor Chiropractic are still available for emergency appointments, although calling ahead is necessary.

The team are working hard to space out appointments to reduce contact wherever possible, and still want to continue putting the minds and bodies of people at ease.

If you want to get some more information on different exercises or want to book an appointment with O'Connor Chiropractic, you can email the clinic at, find them on Facebook or give them a call 01423 400 020.

Nick Hancock spoke to Dr Jason O'Connor to find out more about the ideal workstations and staying active at home:

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