'Buy Local' directory brings together businesses and customers

'Buy Local' directory brings together businesses and customers

Published at 8:51am 28th April 2020.

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North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire Buy Local has been created by North Yorkshire County Council to bring together businesses and tradespeople who can work under Covid-19 restrictions with the customers who need their services.

  • Whether you’re looking for someone to deliver groceries or fix the plumbing, Buy Local can help!
  • All businesses and tradespeople that continue to provide goods and services during the outbreak are being encouraged to register now on the online marketplace.
  • You can search on the site in a number of categories, including food and drink, retail, property services, transport and accommodation for key workers.

North Yorkshire County Council have created a new website to enable local businesses and tradespeople who can work under Covid-19 restrictions to share what they offer with customers who need their services.

Read about Sam and Luke, who registered their businesses on Buy Local and both had enquiries the next day! 

“I registered in the morning after seeing it on social media and got a new order before 2pm that afternoon off the back of it,” said Sam, who owns Crafts of Thirsk.

Sam closed her shop when Covid-19 restrictions were introduced but began to get requests from customers.

“I arrange a delivery time, leave the package and ring the doorbell,” she said.

“A lot of customers are on their own, and a lot have taken up crafting during the outbreak and are asking for advice. People are so pleased with what they get they are now re-ordering. It’s well worth getting on there and getting yourself signed up.”

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The initiative has been helping people find the service they need quickly and easily!

Luke who owns BSA Electrical said:

“Buy Local is a great way for local businesses to offer their services. The site is easy to use and very user-friendly.

"We advertised our electrical services on Tuesday night and had an enquiry on Wednesday morning. Within 24 hours of the enquiry coming in, we were able to attend site, replace a faulty electric shower for new, and provide a functional washing facility for the family to use – as they’d been without for a few days!”

County Council Leader Cllr Carl Les said:

“Across the county, we have businesses that can offer vital services and people in need of those services.

"Our Buy Local website helps to bring those two together by making it easy for businesses to tell people where they are and what they offer and by giving customers a single place to check what is available to them locally.

“I urge all eligible traders and businesses to register on the site as soon as possible to help us to give North Yorkshire residents a comprehensive one-stop shop.”

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North Yorkshire County Council's Buy Local is a massive help for local tradespeople too.

Information received from businesses will be assessed for suitability for the site. The aim will be to verify information within 24 hours during working days, after which residents will be able to access the information and contact businesses directly. 

Businesses can register and members of the public can view the site at www.northyorks.gov.uk/buy-local

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