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Vehicles seized in North Yorkshire had speed camera devices fitted

Three people prosecuted after tip-off to the police.

Police in North Yorkshire have seized three separate vehicles in one day following information about alleged speed camera devices.

All the vehicles, seized on Friday, were fitted with devices which can interfere with cameras.

The devices are often sold as Parking Sensors or Garage door opening devices, but it has been proved that in a number of cases they were also capable of interfering with police speed detection equipment.

All were found guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice and received a custodial sentence, a large fine and a driving ban from the courts.

Since 2014 North Yorkshire Police have seized 10 vehicles, all due to trained staff being able to detect such devices fitted to vehicles at the time of a speeding offence.

Police are urging people to check their vehicle to ensure it doesn't have one of these devices fitted. 

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