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Charity calls for air gun ownership law changes

It hopes it will prevent cat and human deaths.

Charity Cats Protection is calling for people to take a stand and help change the laws surrounding air gun ownership.

It comes as a family in Skipton have been left devastated after their cat Tara was shot earlier this week.

Cats Protection wants to follow in the footsteps of Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Both countries changed their laws to make it so people - over the age of 18 - could only own an air gun with a licence.

The charity wants this to be made a legal requirement in England and Wales.

Head of Advocacy & Government Relations at Cats Protection, Jacqui Cuff, is determined for the laws to change: "We don't want a ban, we just want the lower-powered air guns, which are lethal and cause injury and deaths to cat and to people, to be owned by people with a license.

"We started with a petition which got 90,000 signatures, and is still live.

"More recently we are asking people to write to the home office because the government is reviewing the law on air guns which we very much welcome.

"It's terrible, RSPCA and our figures show this is happening really commonly to cats. There are people for whatever reason dislike cats, or see them as target practice when they are people's pets, they're protected in law and it's an offence to shoot them.

"We need to send a strong message that these things need to be owned under a license, because nobody knows in England and Wales who owns these weapons and for what purpose.

"I would encourage everyone to write to their MP stating that they would like to see a change in laws happen. The system is working well in Scotland and they're seeing crimes go down against cats and people."

Cats Protection have an online petition

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