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Pension campaigners fight 'injustice to women'

Harrogate demo coincides with International Women's Day.

Campaigners in Harrogate say changes to the law on state pensions need to be reversed.

A group - calling themselves Women Against State Pension Inequality, or WASPI - have been out in the town centre, by the Cenotaph.

They're fighting what they say is the 'injustice' done to all women born in the 1950s.

Under the 2011 Pension Act, a woman's state pension age was increased to 65 by the then Chancellor George Osborne.

Campaigners say the changes were implemented far faster than promised and left many women's retirement plans in tatters.

They argue little notice was given, with many people only finding out they were affected as they approached what they thought would be their retirement age.

The campaign is being held to coincide with International Women's Day.

Christine Hodgkiss, from Harrogate and a member of WASPI, told Stray FM how she'd been financially reliant on her husband because of the changes. She said:

"I feel aggrieved at that, really strongly.

"It's just not fair on women who have worked all their lives and we're not getting a pension.'

"It has happened without us knowing which makes me cross."

WASPI say they aren't calling for the pension age to revert back to 60, but just want a fair transition.

The Government has previously resisted calls to change the legislation, having said the measures are designed to bring the retirement age of women in line with men.

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