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Sweet scent of love at Harrogate Flower Show

Sweet scent of love at Harrogate Flower Show

Published by Lisa Darvill at 8:02am 14th September 2018.

There'll be a romantic feel at this year's Harrogate's Autumn Flower Show which gets underway today. 

A new Plants of Pleasure exhibition will explore the flora used to create the sweet scent of success with suitors.

Renowned as one of the most beautiful women in the ancient world, Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is said to have overwhelmed her Roman admirers, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, with a heady love elixir made from rose petals.

Cleopatra will feature in the display, along with scents inspired by coffee and wine. 

Show Director Nick Smith said:

"Most people think of a love potion as something you would slip into your suitor's food or drink, but perfume is an incredibly powerful influencer, particularly in the ancient world where life was not always very fragrant!

"Indeed, a recent study has scientifically linked a particular jasmine-magnolia perfume with the same pheromone responsible for stirring our senses and emotions."

The spectacular love-themed display is being designed and built in the Plant Nursery Pavilion by a group of Yorkshire flower growers promoting British cut flowers.

Other plants of pleasure include vines, depicted by Harewood-based florists Leafy Couture, and special chocolate garden created by Ripon designer Helen Hays, Harrogate landscaper Nick Fryer and Chef-Chocolatier Ashley McCarthy.


 autumn flower show
A special chocolate garden makes up part of the Plants of Pleasure exhibition


autumn flower show


Attractions this year also include a special bicentenary tribute to the man who coined the phrase 'landscape gardener'. Known as The Great Improver, Humphry Repton redesigned the gardens of over 400 stately homes and is famous for the 'before and after' red books he created for each client.

The show also features over 5,000 beautiful autumn blooms in Britain's biggest exhibition by specialist gardening groups and, of course, a world-famous giant vegetable competition.

The show starts today and runs until Sunday. 

For more information visit www.flowershow.org.uk


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