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"It's disgraceful": Ripon's poppies have been vandalised AGAIN

"It's disgraceful": Ripon's poppies have been vandalised AGAIN

Published by Lisa Darvill at 12:01pm 30th October 2018. (Updated at 4:41pm 30th October 2018)

For the second time in under a week, poppies displayed in Ripon to commemorate World War One have been vandalised. 

Last week, a small number of knitted poppies were taken from a bridge and thrown into the river. 

Organisers repaired the damage and received an apology. 

However, this morning they were told by police more of the commemorative displays have been targeted. Eight poppies have been taken from roundabouts, as well as a larger wooden poppy head which has been removed from its base. 

Thousands of knitted and crocheted poppies have been created and displayed across the city as part of The Ripon Communtiy Poppy Project. As well as bringing the community together to commemorate World War One, the project also hopes to increase footfall and bring more visitors into the city. 

The project also includes statues, artwork and a light display that will be shone on the Cathedral next week. 

Councillor Stuart Martin, one of the two co-ordinators of the Ripon Community Poppy Project, says he is upset and disappointed. 

He believes the large wooden poppy was targeted on purpose.

He told Stray FM: 

"We've had some wood shaped in the way of a poppy head and whoever has vandalised it has taken one of these poppies away with them. I can only imagine it's someone who wanted to have a trophy of the vandalism that they've done. "

Stuart, who has this morning repaired the damage, says its disrespectful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

You can hear his full reaction here: 


Anyone with information is being asked to call North Yorkshire Police on 101. 




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