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Stunning Starling murmuration in Skipton

Stunning Starling murmuration in Skipton

Published by May Norman at 6:33pm 21st February 2019.

Main image: Courtesy of Tim Forman

Thousands of birds put on a hypnotising murmuration display in Skipton

  • Starlings are performing a daily murmuration over Skipton.
  • Thousands of birds take part in the aerial stunt most evenings.
  • People have been sharing their videos of the spectacular display on Twitter.
  • These have been viewed thousands of times and been shared across the globe.

Thousands of starlings have been taking to the skies above Skipton to perform spectacular murmurations.

The remarkable sight sees tens of thousands of birds swooping and diving in unison.

Skipton has witnessed huge swirling flocks of starlings that gather in the winter dusk to perform most evenings.

People have been sharing their photos and videos on social media:

Image courtesy of Tim Forman






What are they?

Murmurations can be described as a mass aerial stunt where thousands of birds all swooping and diving in unison. 

Watching a flock of thousands is hypnotising to watch. According to the RSPB, experts believe starlings group together in this way as it offers safety in numbers as predators such as peregrine falcons find it hard to target one bird.

The RSPB believe the starlings perform this spectacular before they roost for the night.

Read more on the RSPB website.