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Harrogate school goes back in time to celebrate centenary

Harrogate school goes back in time to celebrate centenary

Published by Lisa Darvill at 5:41pm 1st April 2019.

A Harrogate school has been travelling back in time to celebrate its centenary. 

  • Bilton Grange Primary opened on 1st April 1919 
  • Staff and pupils have been marking the centenary 
  • They donned fancy dress and discovered what it was like in the classroom 100 years ago 
  • The school has a number of events planned throughout the year to celebrate 

Bilton Grange Primary School opened its doors on 1st April 1919. 

Back then, it was built for 400 students, with each of the classrooms built to teach 50 students. 

To celebrate today staff and students have been finding out what school was like a hundred years ago. 

They donned fancy dress, wrote with ink and learnt about the school's history. 

The children have also been helping to create a special piece of artwork that will be displayed in the school hall. 

'All the teachers were very strict'

Teachers have been getting into their roles by being extremely strict and pretending to use the cane. 

11-year-old Ella Addison said: 

"It was quite scary at the start because all the teachers were being very strict!

"But you got used to it."

10-year-old Harry Rayner added: 

"If you were being naughty you had to come up to the front and they had a massive stick. 

"They pretended to hit you but they hit the books instead."

You can hear more from Ella and Harry as well as students Faye Oxtoby and Louis Mills here: 

Pupils from Bilton Grange Primary School go back in time for their school's centenary

As well as today's celebrations, a number of events will take place throughout the year to mark the school's centenary. 

You can hear more from Headteacher Judith Radcliffe here: 

Bilton Grange Primary Headteacher Judith Radcliffe tells Stray FM about their centenary celebrations