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Ripon village gets its first playground

Ripon village gets its first playground

Published by May Norman at 10:05am 5th April 2019.

Image: Stock image of playground

New play area for Ripon village

  • After years of fundraising, a village outside of Ripon is to finally get a children's playground.
  • Since 2014, the parish council and residents of Sharow have been raising cash for a play area.
  • Thanks to additional grant funding, it's been complete and officially opens today (Friday, 5 April).

Parents of children living in Sharow no longer need to drive for miles to nearby plagrounds, thanks to a new play area.

The village, located near Ripon, now has its own community space, thanks to fundraising efforts which began in 2014.

Before now, the nearest play area was across the A61 and other busy roads, making it difficult and unsafe for those to walk to.

Nick Reed, Parish Clerk of Sharow, said:

"Before today, the nearest play area is in Ripon - which means parents and children need to cross the A61 and other busy roads and it is really not ideal at all. Thanks to fundraising that we've been doing since 2014 and grant funding, we have been able to install a fantastic play area."

Sharow Parish Council carried out an extensive consultation regarding a playground and these were the responses of local children:

  • Kerry, aged 9, said: "A play area would keep me fit and active".
  • Jess, aged 11, said: "A park would be good because you could meet up with your friends there instead of going to their houses."
  • Helena, aged 10, said: "It is really annoying that Sharow is the only village without a park and it would be much more fun when our friends come around."
  • Aidan, aged 10, said: "It would be much safer than playing at the road side."

Sharow village has about 600 residents and approximately 90 pupils at its primary school.

Sharow Parish Council felt all young children and their families should have access to a safe community space where they can get together and socialise with other families and children, whilst enjoying a physically stimulating environment.

The play area consists of a variety of inclusive timber climbing towers for toddlers and juniors, a roundabout, a basket swing, traditional swings for toddlers and juniors, role-play frames, sensory play as well as picnic tables and bench seats.

It is fenced and has have secure gates and is accessible via a public footpath.

The playground is being officially opened today (5 April, 2019)